Around-the-clock, Direct Support for Any Network Issues That Come Your Way

ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services Means No Boundaries for Problem-Solving

Expert knowledge at your fingertips

Gain the permanent networking expertise you need when things go wrong and take advantage of an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure.

Unburden your staff

Relieve your IT team from the demands of unfamiliar crisis scenarios and redirect their efforts to the projects that best align with their talents and existing skill set.

Support when you need it

Count on an expert support team. No matter who you talk with, they’re wearing an Extreme Networks badge.

Whiteglove service

Rely on consistent first person resolution. If you call ExtremeWorks with a problem, we won’t transfer you from tier-to-tier. Your dedicated engineer will close your case.

Discover how Extreme Networks Services helps you maximize the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.


Traditional Maintenance Services

ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services

Why Extreme Works Maintenance Services?

Your network is the backbone of your business, and there’s no negotiating when it comes to staying connected. Break-fix problems come up from time to time, but they don’t need to stop business operations. The need for configuration assistance or hardware problem resolution can be overcome quickly with the right support, and your customers will never know the difference.

At Extreme Networks, there are no boundaries for solving customer challenges. In the event of the unexpected, we work together effectively with all departments to minimize disruption and maximize productivity.

The Extreme Partnership You Can Count On

Extreme Networks Services are designed to simplify the increasing complexity of your network and give you a leg up on the impacts of digital transformation. When you choose Extreme, you choose partnership, built on 100% in-sourced engineering expertise to solve your most pressing networking challenges. Expect a personalized customer experience that’s beyond compare with standard solutions, supported by unparalleled experts.